Extended Family

1 Jul

Tom and I have been in a relationship together for six months, and approximately sixty-five thousand kisses. We are a pretty affectionate couple, and tell each other how much we love each other about seven or eight times a day, give or take a million. I will always fondly remember the first time he told me he loved me, but recently I had someone say those three magic words to me that may have even topped the first time he whispered them to me. It was … get ready … his mother! My possible future mother-in-law.

I wouldn’t say that Tom’s mom and I are especially close or anything – I mean, I think she is a wonderful mother and a great and very kind person and has never been anything less than thoughtful and supportive of me and Tom.  We see her at least once a week, and have spent many weekends with her since Tom and I started dating.  Tom lost his father only a week after him and I started dating, and he is very close to her and the rest of his family, and while I never really had any problems “wining” the parents of any of my ex-boyfriends…this was different, I mean here I was meeting what could potentially be my extended family in the future and well, the pressure of this is always a tiny factor in back of my mind every time we see her or I meet any member of his family…and, that man, he has A LOT of family.

Tom has been telling me how much his mom loves me, but I never really paid attention to it, I mean loving someone is a big deal, and I knew that she had been very close to Tom’s ex, and it was very difficult for her when they separated and ultimately divorced.  And being a woman myself, I knew that bonding for us is usually a bit harder to do, we tend to be more guarded and skeptical.  I was prepared to accept that it would take time and lots of sucking up patience .  Even when she handed me a sweater as a gift that she herself knitted, I was a bit doubtful, regardless of Tom’s assurance that her giving me a gift like that was the equivalent of THE ultimate acceptance into the his family fold.

This past weekend Tom and I spent most of the day with her and some of her family that were visiting down for the summer  Most of the day was spent hearing their family gossip and catching up on the years that had gone by.  Tom had just met one of the cousins for the first time, so they had tons of stories to share. It was a relaxing, fun day, filled with homemade pizza and lots of laughter and love.

As we were leaving, his mother leaned over to me and told me that her son was very lucky to have found me and that she was so glad that he had someone in his life that love him so much, and then as she gave me a huge big loving hug goodbye, she told me she loved me. And I, well I just stood there dumbfounded while fighting back emotions. But I gained my composure, and hugged her back really hard. It was such a special moment, one that I will always remember. If Tom and I ever take the big walk down the aisle, I can know that my new family will love me and treat me just as well as my current one.

As soon as we drove away I turned to Tom and said “YOUR MOM JUST TOLD ME THAT SHE LOVES ME!”  Typically male, Tom looked at me confused and said … “So?”


One Response to “Extended Family”

  1. Diane Mandy July 1, 2008 at 10:49 pm #

    There’s nothing better than having a supportive mother-in-law! THings look very good for you!

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