15 Jul

There has been a bit of family drama and issues and I been feeling a bit side-blinded and overwhelmed about the whole thing.

I been backed into a corner and its not feeling good to be there, so I trying to access how to best move out of the situation and at the same time try to keep the peace with everyone involved.

Its messy, as most decisions about family are bound to be and there will be consequences to those decisions… I’m keeping the faith that we have a strong bond to look pass it and to let it heal, funny, that I’m keeping the faith on this because I know that if I let that little bit of faith slip, I will shatter into a bunch of pieces.

So for now, I’m taking a bit of break, since I pretty much don’t have anything happy to blog about, and since I respect the privacy of my family, and have promise in the past to keep them out of this medium as much as I can, I cannot use this spot to vent, and rave about what is going on right now.

I will regroup and come back.. promise.


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