Liquor goes inside the boxes… not inside of me

30 Jul

I’m 4 days away from the BIG MERGING (as in households)  to take place… right now I’m surrounded by boxes upon boxes….

Usually my house looks like this:

Today it looks like this:

And I kid you not, Its driving me NUTS!

Saturday, I was going to go all “on” saving mode and shit, and rent a truck and pull a heavy Saturday doing lifting and pulling and going up and down the truck plank.  After I started to analyze the number of boxes and furniture that I have (which is not much, but heavy as shit)… I realized that I was kidding myself… BECAUSE WHY IN THE HELL SHOULD I PUT MYSELF THROUGH IT?

Somehow in the cloudiness of my mind, I saw the light… and picked up the phone and I called the heavy lifters… So Saturday, the only thing I’m planning on doing is getting up, and driving the truck to my soon-to-be-ex-driveway… park it there and wait for 2 dudes that will be coming and doing all the huffy-and puffy labor.  An the plan is that while that is going on OVER THERE, I will sit back and drink a latte and make sure I’m INSIDE where the A/C will be FULL BLAST.. because holy-mother-of-god.. its HOT out there.  And the rain that has come down the last couple of days make it HOTTER not COOLER (its seems that mother nature is DONE giving us free passes when it comes to the weather).

Today, I still have to pack, the liquor cabinet, which sadly has to be done, because if not, instead of putting the bottles in the brown boxes, I’m going to shove it down and store it inside my body.



One Response to “Liquor goes inside the boxes… not inside of me”

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