2 Weeks and we have NOT killed each other … But the dog is another matter…

14 Aug

We are hitting the 2 weeks mark of the “moving-in-together” and so far, so good.  Other than the fact that I’m still living around boxes of MY STUFF… we are doing pretty well in the meshing and merging of things.  So far the following has happened: 

Basically, I we have given away most of his stuff, because my stuff is newer and his stuff is mis-matched and can you totally eat on mismatched plates?  I.DONT.THINK.SO.  (Don’t you judge)

His dogs are adorable, until they, or specifically the 120 pound baby “Rufus” (I call him DUFFUS… and you will know why in a minute) starts a bark-fest at freaking 3 o’clock in the morning (as in AM PEOPLE!)… Because Maggie (the smart one mutt) is lying across the front of the doggie door and wont let him into the house. Apparently SIZE does NOT matter. 

He forgets to pick up the mail from the mailbox. ALL THE TIME, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Ok, I guess my attachment to getting my weekly People magazine is a tad unhealthy, but, how can you forget to empty the mailbox?  This daily task as found its way slowly in my daily routine. 

And speaking of routine… 

We have none, except for the fact that are both exhausted.  I have yet to finish unpacking, because we are still in the process of cleaning up and updating the different locations of his house that we have identify as “storage” spaces (people, let me tell you right now – we need a BIGGER HOUSE). 

And speaking of organizing… 

We work well as a team.  In the past couple of days we have bought flooring, shelves, paint, picked out the bathroom sinks, bathtubs, tiles, faucets, kitchen cabinets, mapped out the new living room/dinning room, and decided that building a fire pit was way to much work and a “chimenea” will be a better idea. All of these major decisions and not one argument in the bunch. 

And speaking of arguments…. 

We only had one… who was going to get up at 3AM and tell the Duffus Rufus to shut the hell up!


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