Pedestal Crack – Part 2

28 Aug

First off… Internet its hard to keep this blog going when one is busy, busy, busy… but, since I have now officially been told to get my ass in gear (I’m looking at you M), then the guilt has settled and I’m here, writing part 2, because apparently I’m keeping people in suspense! 

We left off with Tom being a lovely smartass… but after getting showered in the face by the broken water faucet, I got to give the man a bit of leeway. 

After we got the water out of the bathroom… (I’m officially taking the opportunity right now, of thanking the hillbillies’ construction of the house, because this fucked up messed up construction gave me a back door right next to the hallway that leads into the bathroom…I know, I know… it does NOT make sense, but shit it worked)  Tom and I had to go into plan C which was us thinking out loud “what the hell do we do now?” 

We go to Home Depot, because, if we NEED to do it, THEY CAN HELP! 

We got the stuff necessary, and came back… to, like … tackle it.  So the boyfriend armed himself with tools and headed back to the bathroom (which now had a clean floor) and attempted to get to the piping underneath the sink cabinet.  This lasted a good half and hour and a lot of cussing on his part.  Apparently, his hands were too big to do the job (go now, think of all of the joke right now, done? good)  He called me.  I tried every which way to get to the piping and nothing.  So I did what I do best. 

I opened my mouth (insert terror song here now, because you all remember what happen the last time I did that) 

Me to the BF: “why don’t we move the sink cabinet forward a bit and try to get it from the back?” 

BF to me: “yeah, that would help make it easier” 

So we did and this is what happened:

Yep, it fell apart, as in… oh oh! (BTW, the leaves I left to give you an artistic view of the carnage)

Back to Home Depot we went, to hunt down for a new sink.  After much deliberation (looking at our wallets) we decide to go with the cheap moderate pedestal sink. 

Back at home, we gave the dead sink a send off (put it out on the backyard to be picked up by our good friends in 1-800-got-junk or a good hurricane who would blow it up, up and away, to never be seen again) and when back to work.  I painted the whole bathroom, because seriously yellow walls are not very zen looking when you are sitting on the toilet doing the business.  Then Tom, did all of the plumbing (the right way) and we started on the sink, which we thought was going to be pretty easy – you have pedestal and you have a bowl…You put one part on top of the other and voila!


You have to attach it to the wall, so we had to drill holes.  We did, the brackets that came with the sink, did not fit in the hole we had drilled, even thought we used the size bit that was recommended in the instructions that came with the sink!  We had to do a bit of quick thinking, and then a bit of move it here, move it there… By this time it was 10PM and we were both at our whit’s end.  Plenty of snapping was occurring (neither of each others idea were being sold to the other, thus both of us wanted to try two different things but neither wanted to do the others suggestion) and a mandatory time out was called.  We both walked to our corners.. But I had to prove that my idea was GREAT and that MY IDEA would SOLVE the whole problem.

MY great idea?

Cracked the pedestal portion of the sink

Back to the mother ship Home Depot I went.

It was midnight by the time we finish the project not schedule.  The bathroom looks 100% better than before, but we still need to change the toilet and the bathtub.

We decided that we can live with both (for now). 

Next project? 

Call the contractor


2 Responses to “Pedestal Crack – Part 2”

  1. Belze August 31, 2008 at 1:25 am #

    In the name of everything that is holy… throw the toolbox away!
    Some people are NOT good with home improvement projects and some are catastrophic. You two sound like somewhere in the middle.

  2. Mo August 31, 2008 at 4:16 pm #

    LOL Thanks so much for the extremely entertaining update. I hope it makes you both feel better knowing that your home improvement adventures make for a great read. You should tackle something bigger next time like the kitchen :insert evil laugh here: Oh and maybe you can include some video ! ! ! !

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