16 Sep

I have a confession to make… here it goes (some of you may want to cover your eyes, its going to hurt a little bit)

Ready? ah, uh….ok, ok…

I know, I know… you are probably all confused right now right? And thinking WTH? (we could go with the other WT… but there may be children in the room and we must behave!)

But, yeah, back to the topic at hand… the shopping thing?  Not so fond of it, which makes it a bit whacky, since I have, on numerous occasions, used this space to show you a the new purse that I need or else die want, or shoes, or jewelry…So there is a bit of contradictions on this post.  But you see, what I hate is not the actual buying of things, it’s the act of actually going to the mall and doing the shopping. I hate it. (yes, I repeating) And lest be honest here, that is why the Internet was invented people!

But sometimes the internet cannot help me.  Because, well I’m super picky when it comes to certain shopping, like, for instance, apperal.  In order for me to even think about plucking down huge amounts of money on a pair of pants (or any apparel for that matter), I need to feel it, and try it on, and then check it out as a CSI would check out a body for processing… I need to make sure that the amount of money I’m about to spend, merits the garnet.  I usually check the material, and the way it was constructed, where was it made? is it a timeless design? Can I keep it in my closet for a long time? And the list goes on and on.  So, see, the act of going to the mall and doing this, just exhaust the hell out of me… and don’t even get me started with the fact that the retail business is an endless pool of bad customer service.

And you all know how tolerant I am with stupidity.

So today, when I knew that I had to GO TO THE MALL… I worked my way into it and took Tom, to make sure that I did not kill any salesperson in the process as a buffer.

I needed a pair of sweaters, long sleeves shirts and I wanted to replace my old pair of corduroys pants in order to be presentable and not freeze my ass up in Maine this coming weekend (oh yeah, 1 day and I’m so out of here is not even funny, see the smoke behind me?).  So I figure, Old Navy (spare me the stares) which fit the bill, specially since my ATM card is having labor pains from birthing so much cash the last couple of weeks.

So off we go, and we park and we go into this store… in order to get to Old Navy.  As we walked in, what do I see? A pair of corduroys and a sign above with $8.98 splatter across it.  So I did what anyone would do… sent Tom to find a salesperson and this took place upon his return with one in tow…

Salesperson:       May I help you?
Me:                     yeah, are these pants $8.98
Salesperson:       yes, everything in the store is $8.98
Me:                     Excuse me? What do you mean?
Salesperson:       Everything that we sell here is $8.98 


My ATM card did a last push and out came out 2 corduroys, 1 pair of Bitten Jean, 2 sweaters, 1 T-shirt, 2 long-sleeves shirts and since I was on a roll and generous, Tom got a pair of Jeans and a dress shirt. 

I probably would have had more, except that Tom dragged me out of the store, before we went into a major cesarean.


One Response to “Score!”

  1. Diane Mandy September 18, 2008 at 4:05 pm #

    Score, indeed!

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