And we are back….

13 Oct

With lots of stories to tell and so many pictures to show.

The final take on Argentina: AWESOME (see how I wrote that in caps, because it’s WORTH mentioning how AWESOME it was – AGAIN). 

Since I’m still trying to get back into my routine, because you know, I’m trying (really, really hard) not to remember that for the past 12 days I been sleeping late and getting up to gore up on a huge breakfast buffet, with mimosas included but, I’m instead, back in wake up hell.. With snooze button and a quick café con leche stop as my breakfast choice.

So, I’m going to write all about it and post pictures and basically convince you that your next vacation needs to be in Argentina because its just that awesome.

But first things first, I have to finish unpacking, because I spent most of my Sunday messing around with Tom (leaving your boyfriend all alone for 12 days has great benefits, I highly recommend it) sleeping and recharging the old batteries… do laundry, and basically spend some much needed time with before mention boyfriend, who spent his time while I was away, hanging blinds, laying out bathroom tiles, throwing out mounts of construction garbage, and making the bed!

That folks needs to be rewarded.


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