On the edge of doing something stupid

17 Oct

I interrupt the Argentina recaps because; well I had a dentist appointment yesterday…and today I feel like shit (there is no better word, trust me) and I’m on the verge of doing something very, very stupid…

Let me get this out of the way… I.HATE.THE.DENTIST I prefer to go see my Gynecologist before I go to the dentist.

‘nff said

So yesterday, as I left work, it took me the 20 min to get to their office to calm my nerves down.  Its bad enough that I need to sych myself for a simple teeth cleaning… but ORAL SURGERY?  I’m surprise that I made it there in the first place.

After a deep cleaning, which was bad enough… I then was told to wait for the dentist back in the waiting room and they will be calling me to prep me for the surgery.  I almost ran out of there, but then I thought about Tom’s teasing and I sat my ass back down, picked up a copy of Newsweek and tried to fly far, far away from where I was.  I was seriously hopping for a out-of-body experience with all my heart.

Yeah… NOT.TO.BE.

The procedure that I was having was a simple (the dentist words, not mine) to remove a bit of skin flaps that I had on top of my bottom wisdom teeth.  Since it involved numbing my mouth, and using a scalpel.. I pretty much put it on top of the list as HOLY SHIT big deal.

I sat on the chair, and started to feel my heart beat at a gazillion beats per minute… I broke out on a sweat and I knew that I was going to lose it… the dentist came in and before I knew it, she had shot me full of numbing stuff which swell my face up to triple its size (I had no way OUT at this point, I was STUCK) – then for the next 30 minutes I sat there with tubes, sucking devices, and scalpels moving in and out of my mouth.

I did not feel anything… except the dread  and knowlege, that when the numbing effects wore off, the pain was going to be bad… as in very, very, BAD.

And I was right… Its VERY, VERY BAD\

I feel it today, and since I opted not to take pain medicine, because I’m a dumb ass, totally afraid of mayor pain meds… I have been trying to manage the pain the bass ass way.  So far so good, except that in 2 hours time it will be lunch time and here is my dilemma…

I have not had anything to eat since 2pm yesterday… so I’m fucking hungry!  And not for anything soft, as was recommended (very strongly) by the dentist… but for something crunchy and hard and totally inappropriate.

I did tell you the pain was very, very bad right?


One Response to “On the edge of doing something stupid”

  1. Diane Mandy October 20, 2008 at 12:01 pm #

    I hate dentists, too. So I feel your pain–figuratively, at least. Hope you feel better soon.

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