Coming undone

12 Nov

I need to get my shit together.

With tons of responsibilities handed over to me at work and the added work that I took upon myself (that’s for another post) I’m really coming undone…

Today’s showdown(s):

#1:  With the co-worker, because if there is anything that I hate more, is when someone uses the line “I did what I was told to do”… HOLY SHIT!!!! (see how many exclamation points I get to use on this one?)… I mean, really? so if the boss tells you to jump off the mountain you are going to do it?  A bit of a NEWSFLASH for you:  Common sense dictates that you think for yourself first then complete the task at hand.  Trust me in the long road, you are saving yourself and others MORE WORK.

#2:  With the sister, because HELLO!!! I’m ONLY TRYING TO HELP YOU.  So by you doing the impossible for me to accomplish that is not going to go over well on my end.  RELAX and for once learn to accept the help and shut it up.

#3:  With the boyfriend.  No, I don’t understand it.  No, it does not make sense.  Yes, you need to draw me a fucking map, because YES, THAT IS THE WAY I ROLL.  And you yelled first!  So all bets are off.

As you can see I’m 3 for 3… I hope tomorrow is another day and hopefully life is taking a break from beating my shit up.  If not, I’m tapping into the Valium and numb my way thru it.


One Response to “Coming undone”

  1. Tstewart November 14, 2008 at 12:00 am #

    DAMN!!!!! Woman… Can I just say take a big DEEP BREATH.

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