What is going on down here… all in simple small paragraphs form

20 Nov

A cold front has descended on us… in the tune of 40 degrees weather … meaning that we are all wearing un-matching winter clothes (very un-fashion of us), because down here in Florida is not suppose to be 40 freaking degrees.

I never realize I knew that many people.  See, I have a Facebook account (who does not???) oh wait I know WHO!  Anyway, since I tend to forget that I even have the Facebook account, I tend not to check it that often, except of course when I get an email telling me that so, so wants to add me as a friend (Popular me!) or that so and so send me a drink (yeah virtual drinks do not count).  Yesterday I log into the account and holy-shit-I-know-A LOT-of-people.  Here I thought that my friends consisted on a whopping total of 4.  According to Facebook? Nah ah… I have a total of 106 friends.  Where in the hell did I get 106 friends????  This internet has been the question in my mind.  Some of these friends I have not seen since like grade school (yeah, apparently everyone can find you in Facebook!) GRADE SCHOOL… like as in almost 25 years ago… TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO!!! That is a LONG time. I did not even remember some of these people.  I had to physically go to my mother’s house and open the album (do people have those still?) and find these people in old, yellow pictures so I can place them in my head!

Did I say we are experiencing a cold front?  Yeah, just checking

In the past few weeks major announcements have come from some of my favorite bloggers. In the tune of sonograms with tiny heartbeats and due dates.  Congratulations to you and you.   Which means that I need to keep Tom on a tight leash.  Because these type of announcements create duplications in a blink of an eye and right now the cold weather is NOT HELPING us keep our hands to ourselves. (ahhh, to much information for your folks? Deal).

I have come to realized that working with my sister is not a piece of cake.  Ok no, it’s HELL.  But, I know she is so deep in disorganization agony that if she does not get any help, her head will explode and then I will have to hear it from our mother and that is worse than ANY hell.

I have 4 days left of work, and then the holiday of all holidays in the US will take place.  And while 80% of the population in the US gorges themselves on turkey and cranberry sauce.  I will be watching massive amounts of TV, because I need to take pity on my DVR about now, it feels lonely and confuse due to the lack of attention it has been receiving from me of late.

Then we will hit December.  And I will totally freak out counting days until my BIG FOUR-O birthday.  Because well, it’s the BIG ONE.  The one, where I suppose to flip over and die. But whatever… I’m hoping that someone will just get me something from my wish list and call it a day. Plus, I get to invite 4 of the 106 friends of mine to come and send me off to the new old stage of my life.  But, I’m not worry, because there will be cake and you all know that cake will make everything better.

Oh and did I forgot to mention that it’s freaking cold… yeah? Ok, then move along, nothing else to see read here.


One Response to “What is going on down here… all in simple small paragraphs form”

  1. Diane Mandy November 20, 2008 at 9:34 pm #

    Awww, thanks for the congrats, lady! Here’s hoping the winter is over SOON!

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