Time to Eat, vegetage, and watch TV

26 Nov

So it’s that time again. The national eating holiday is here!

My family does not celebrate Thanksgiving, even after being in the states over 20+ years, we never really adopted this holiday. Thanksgiving is all about big family and my family is made up of 2 people, nothing big there. Instead, we just take it as 2 wonderful days off for watching a ton of TV and movies, all while munching in whatever we ended up cooking that day.

This year is no different, except there are more people to feed and lounge in front of the TV. So come this afternoon the cooking starts. And the menu is non-traditional at its best:

Pork Stew, Corn Soufflé, Butternut Squash with Thyme in brown butter, Crab crepes, Bean dip, Peas. Even the desserts are way out there: Tres Leche and I believe there will be an Apple Pie as well as Key Lime Pie.

As you can see no turkey in sight.

So for now the game place still the same, the cooking will be done, it will be in the kitchen and people will come and go and served themselves and plop down in front of the TV to see whatever marathon is going on.

For those that are doing the full production – eat lots and rest lots, enjoy your families, enjoy the friends and enjoy the vacation days… because come Monday it all starts again.

Happy Turkey day people, see you in December


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