Deck and not the halls with boughs of holly…

8 Dec

This weekend Tom and I decided that we needed to exercise a little. 

No, we did not go out to the park to run. 
No we did not go to the gym to do what you do in the gym.

We decided that after 5 month of living together we can become weekend warriors and went to Home Depot to spend $700 for supplies in order to build us a deck in part of our backyard.  Because we are then building us a shed, which then will become his “man-cave”.  (I’m basically seeing this as the new catch all room – don’t tell Tom that – he is totally on board that he needs a man-cave).

And Yes Internet! I got to use power tools this weekend.  And yes, Internet DYI projects are easier SAID than DONE.

So, sit right there, all comfy like and let me walk you thru our little project.

Saturday… After a good breakfast (like for champions!)

We started with a drawing and a list – because Tom needs to draw it out, and I need to make a list out of it (can you see the ying-yang approach at work here?)

What started it all

What started it all

Then off we went to Home Depot, were our strength building took place. We pushed, shoved, pulled, lifted and hauled 24 bags of 30lb concrete mix, 36 pieces of lumber, a cart full of fasteners, nails, and other stuff deemed super important by Tom to get the show on the road. We then decided to take the lazy smart way out and rent us a Post Hole Auger (which as you will read in a minute was the best $76 bucks we spent in this whole odyssey).

After we did this in Home Depot, we did it all over again at home, since we needed to unload the loot unto the back yard.

We had not even started and we were already hurting – this was not a good sign.

We started by making holes… well; actually that was not the first step. The first thing we Tom did was clean the poop left by Dufus Rufus around the construction site.  Then we used the Auger (and this folks is the best invention EVER! If you ever need to make holes in your backyard, RENT one of this suckers up, it will make you life so much easier – trust us!)

Tom using the big boy toy

Tom using the big boy toy

to make 13 holes, which we then proceeded to place a 4×4 pole on each, and then filled each of those holes with concrete… this is what it looked like when we did the first 4.

4 in, 9 more to go

4 in, 9 more to go

We then had to build the frame around the poles… and while Tom when all Einstein on me and used complicated fractions and additions and subtractions, I used the universal girl talk: “Babe, I don’t think it looks right from over here” which totally worked, Since my power of sight was better than the math calculations.

He was off by a foot. 

Who said we need math?

When the marker got lost, we called to Mother Nature to mark the spot for more digging. We call it the “green” method marking. All those constructions workers out there, please take note.

Green Method Marking

Green Method Marking

After 8 hours we went to bed… with about 8 Aleve’s in our system, because lifting our hands to even pat each other in the back was not an option.

Then on Sunday… we jumped in quickly and finish the frame out… and a whole hour was dedicated to the major decision of which way the planks were going to be laid out. Which was just an excuse to have one hour of doing nothing.

80% done

80% done

Some of us were not even faking it and eventually decided that taking naps under the shade was a better option:

Rufus laying low

Rufus laying low

Eventually we place the top planks (by drilling like a gazillion nails!) and covered the whole thing.  And tad da, we built ourselves a BIG deck!

All freaking DONE!

All freaking DONE!

Next up, building the shed on top of the finished aboved deck. 

Tom and I decided we needed some rest before we tackel that project.


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