When you have caca around, you best use your resources

11 Dec

Ok, it’s that time again to get in touch with people you get in touch once a year and send massive amount of Christmas oopps, let be politically correct here – “HOLIDAY” cards.

And I love to receive them… just as much as I love sending them; there is something about taking the time to write out a message, in PEN! And then address the envelope, in PEN! and lick them close until you don’t feel your tongue anymore.

Now, I’m picky about the cards, I guess it has to do with the graphical designer in me? I love beautiful cards, simple and at the same time clean.  If they are a bit whimsy and funny, even better.  Earlier in the year I bought some from this place, which I swear I would probably go broke from buying their office stuff.  They had a great sale and I jumped on the early train and got some really funny, cool ones.

Then I moved. And the great holiday cards are in some unmarked box in the storage room.

I had to go to plan “B”.  (otherwise known as a Target run)

But, I must have waited to long to do this task this year, because after going thru a full aisle of holiday cards, nothing… and I mean NOTHING called out to me. Plus, hello holiday card makers, you do know we are in a recession right? Nobody is plucking down $19.99 + tax for a pack of 6 cards. NO.ONE.  As a consumer, trust me on this.

So, I decided that this year I was going to forget sending holiday cards.

Until I got 4 in the mail the other day.


So plan “C” went into effect.

I visited 5 other shops with the same results… Nothing out there! Until driving I decided, you know what the hell. I will design my own this year! I have the shops for it, I can come up with something much better of what I seen out there and best of all? I’m going to love it.

And yes.I.DID

And they are fabulous! With all the right elements of fun, whimsical and best of all? Cost me .20 cents each… that is $12 BUCKS for 60 cards! TWELVE BUCKS!

I would post a sample, but then I would spoil it for those friends that come here to read and know that they are on the list! Lets just say that it has a funny reindeer with stars and a crazy look on his face, which is how I’m going to look 8 days from now when I blow out forty candles from my birthday cake.

See how I just slipped that reminder in there eh?


2 Responses to “When you have caca around, you best use your resources”

  1. Mo December 11, 2008 at 7:26 pm #

    don’t think i didn’t get that little jibe about sending out actual cards ! ! ! !

    I got it


  2. Diane Mandy December 12, 2008 at 3:18 pm #

    Will you post the design after the holiday?

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