A time of giving…a Tip!

17 Dec

This year I have a total of 10 people who ended up in my dreaded desirable “Christmas gift list”. Out of all the things I do with plenty of time in my life, this is not THE.ONE.

I always leave this one to the last minute.

  1. Because I hate to shop, and the anxiety-pack Christmas malls are not enough incentives.
  2. The people on the list are really hard to shop for, because with the exception of one person (and you know who you are) none have got with the program and created a wish list.

So since most of my family and friends are lazy a**, it then falls on me to be a mind reader and sneaky detective (and not a good one mind you), trying to find out what they really want. Given that I hate to buy something for someone that will end up in the re-gift pile.  Its all about a gift that you love and want.

So, this year I decided to bite the bullet and start early and let it fall where it may. Which as to date, is as follow:

  • Tom – BIG check mark on him. The best part of all? I bought it right under his nose, he has NO clue.
  • Dominic (Tom’s son) – He is 7 years old. How easy can this be? Check and Check
  • The future Mother in Law – this one was tricking and having the son tag along to help me DID.NOT.WORK. But, I got crafty and we took care of her.
  • The BFF – Easiest one on the list – why? One word: WISHLIST!
  • The NYBoys – what the hell can you buy 2 people that live in the NYC? If you live in Florida? NADA. I’m so perplexed on these two I think I may have a rash coming from the stress of thinking about it.
  • The future sister & brother-in-law – Tom has the task of calling them up and asking nicely, what do they need. If that does not happen they are getting a gift card.
  • My sister – This one is the hardest of the bunch, even harder than NYBoys. I simply do not have a clue.
  • My mother – while she is harder than all of them put together, this year she broke some type of record and became one of the easiest. I’m thinking that my detective work may have something to do with it. When asked what she wanted, she sang like a canary and told me right off what she wished for – and it isn’t world peace people.

So I’m going to give everyone on my list a little bit of a tip this year:


The world would be a better place!


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