Forty is kicking my ass!

22 Dec

I will post pictures of the birthday dinner and other stuff from my 40th weekend bash. There was food, cake and a bit of liquor going around plus a bit of screaming in the process of wanting to feel in my 20’s again.

Of course all actions have consequences.

Having forced my body to feel like the before mentioned 20-year old, my 40-year old  body has decided to give me a reality check and is kicking my ass with a burning feeling in my nose and throat, with a lot of sneezing, runny nose, and the feeling of being tired, unwell and totally feeling like a mac truck has just run-me-over – TWICE!


Add to the equation that I’m at work at this very moment, trying my hardest not to crawl under my desk and suck my thumb and cry out for my mommy.

That will be a bit un-cool.

I will try to post in the upcoming days… but, just in case the drugs that I’m going to take to make all these yucky symptoms go away make me forget, then I leave you with this to tied you over…

Design by moi
Design by moi

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