Resolutions, because EVERYONE is doing them, and I have nothing else to write about while I’m sitting a work counting the slow hours go by.

31 Dec

I just finish sending an e-card to everyone on my email address telling them to have a grand New Year and wishing them a prosperous 2009. The card was funny, because that is they way I roll and I like to hear people laugh (even in my head). But the card was basically a duck with 10 New Year resolutions (told you FUNNY). Of course that got me to think about my New Years resolutions.

In the past I usually don’t set myself up for any resolutions, because, I got to be honest here, there is a slight (ok…ok! a big chance) that I will fail at this by mid-January and will rather spend the extra minutes of the day drinking out on our new deck (weather permitting) and play a lot of Suduko and Boom Box on the Wii (Steven Spielberg you ROCK)

But I figure that one of the resolutions will be to write them down and force myself to really do them, seeing as 2008 was a total mess (except the part about meeting the boy I’m going to shackle down for life, and make pretty babies with) and I may have to blame it on not having resolutions written down.

I know that some are going to be easier than others (as the lazy part of me will never go away) and some will probably be more fun than others (as in making it easier to follow through) but, I will try to keep it interesting, in order for the fail rate to be a bit harder to accomplish.

So let’s start with

  1. Kick the cold (in the ass) that has been racking my body for the past 2 weeks? Not a resolution? Well, it’s actually tied in to becoming a bit of high maintenance with myself, meaning that I need to eat better and maybe think about throwing in a bit of more activity in my daily routines (parking the car farther in the parking lot can be a start – as to walking more) hey! Whatever works! Oh wait, maybe break out the Wii and use the Outdoor Challenge – we played this on Christmas day and in 15 minutes in we were all sweating. Maybe its as easy as treating myself to more girly things, like pedicures and manicures and getting my hair cut at the 6-week mark, instead of when I cannot see from the hair in front of my face.
  2. Start saving more a month. Or really go for broke here and finally demand ask for the raise that I’m totally entitled to or quit (ok, just kidding – Damn the economy!).
  3. Infuse more adventure in my life! We can start with White Water Rafting! And folks this one is in the works. And if it works out, come March, we are in for a 4 day mini-vacation somewhere in West Virginia battling the river with paddles and life jackets (and WET SUITS). While enjoying the comfort of a nice little cabin nestle between nature and shit and DirecTV.
  4. Take more vacations, because frankly one a year is just not enough to offset the crazies a work and my everyday life.
  5. Complete our home improvement projects. While I tend to be very organized and full of list, I know that I can also be good a procrastination.
  6. Take a dance lesson. I been wanting to do this for a while and the boyfriend is all for it, so it just a matter of putting it on the list and getting it done – Tango anyone?
  7. Blog more. I know that I been way lazy with the blog in 2008 and I need to force myself to at least write something every day. I need to start to pay attention more and share it all with you Internet.
  8. Think of myself first, instead of everyone else. Isn’t that why we put our air masks on first before assisting those around us?
  9. Ride more roller Coasters! (Do I really need to elaborate on this one – seriously?)
  10. Go away for my birthday and the boyfriend birthday – Anywhere! After the drama we had for my 40th birthday, I promise myself that this year; I was going to take off to anywhere but “here”. I also would like to add that I will treat myself to something extravagant and refuse to feel guilty about it – I’m thinking beach-getaway!
  11. Plan a wedding – I’m letting this one percolate a bit.

What are YOUR New Years Resolutions?


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