Starting 2009 right

3 Jan

Hope all of you have had a great year so far. Mine has been spectacular.

I finally feel better than the last 10 days. I think I’m going to meet my resolution of kicking this cold/flu butt off.

I haven’t showered or washed my hair all year, and only had 4 cupcakes the entirety of 2009…which is an improvement from last year.

Tom and I decided to hole ourselves up and our mission has been accomplished. We have watched huge amounts of TV, marathon after marathons of shows, played huge amounts of Wii games – I think I hurt my arm somehow, because it feels like I been throwing a baseball around for 4 days… Oh wait I HAVE BEEN THROWING A BALL for the last 4 days! I seriously need to walk away from the Wii.

We thought about leaving the house yesterday, but it seem like too much work and instead we cooked and decided to finally installed the shelves we bought in IKEA over 2 weeks ago.

Today is another story, we need to leave the house, because we are responsable that way.

Actually we are not… we just realized that we are out of cupcakes.


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