Batting 2 for 2 today

6 Jan

I have been, since Noon today, trying to come up with a good (and acceptable) excuse to take off from work early. I started with some tried-and-true excuses…

“My sister had a nervous breakdown –!” (Actually, this one is going to happen soon if she does not get a handle on her stress level)

“I think my lunch gave me food poisoning”

“I have a headache” and the 10 pills that I have taken are not helping.

“My mother just called, there is a family emergency” (but, then my co-workers are noisy and they will start asking questions, which then I will have to lie some more and I’m not very good a lying.)

Then I went wild and came up with some that are just wayyyy out there!

“I blew my nose so hard, my back gave out” – figure that with my cold it would fly – no?

“While getting my lunch, a bee flew in my car and attacked me!”

“I can’t seem to finish work today because of eye trouble…. I can’t see working today.”

“I have womanly concerns”

“I’m stuck in the blood pressure machine down at Wal-Mart”

Moral of the story?

I should do this more often, since it works.  Because, while I was thinking of these, the rest of the afternoon flew by.

I just took a look at the clock and realized that I only have 20 minutes left of work before I get out of here.

Oh and I got a post out of it too!

So I’m 2 for 2 today!


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