Cool as a cucumber (on the outside)

3 Feb

I post, then I take off…I know, I’m totally can write off #7 of my new year resolutions – because it just not happening.  I don’t even have the excuse that I’m totally doing exiting things with my life.

I’m not.

I’m working myself to the ground.. in the last 3 weeks I have clocked over 20+ hours a week of Overtime.  I’m surprise I still have a job! (we have cut our headcount by 20% in the last month alone – we are all pretty much coming to work every day scared shit-less.  I been told by my boss that I’m quite safe – I’m still looking at my options on

Talking about jobs… We been hit.

Tom, came home with the news that he got laid off today (suppose to be a temporary layoff – we are not trusting it) so that means that I’m totally freaking out (on the inside, since I have learned that one of us needs to keep it together in all major drama/events in our lives, if not we totally will end up in the loony bin together sucking our thumbs and repeating half ass sentences).  He is totally freaking out (on the outside) and my role is being the totally cool cucumber, and cheerleader… I totally repeated the “Ok, positive thoughts, game plan on, lets make a list, lets tackle this” about a zillion time today.  Anyone that knows me, totally knows that I’m saying those things for me and not so much for him.

I totally suck at this.


2 Responses to “Cool as a cucumber (on the outside)”

  1. Diane Mandy February 3, 2009 at 4:34 pm #

    I’m thinking positive thoughts for you guys!


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    […] started not so well, Tom got laid off work not once but twice! Then found a job, not a GREAT job but a good job that paid the bills.  I on the other […]

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