I got zing too

13 Feb


Or actually, I’m alive, yes, but…barely… but nevertheless, Side bar: I love typing that word, actually saying that word too – it sound so proper and shit… but where was I? Oh yeah, barely ALIVE.

Because, I been working myself to the ground … yep this past week, I have clocked a total of a whooper of OT time as in 25 hours this week.. and 20 last week.  That internet is a part time job for some people out there!

Holy shit!  No wonder I can not have a cohrent thought in my head today or yesterday or probably for the rest of the week. I been working 2-JOBS and I have not notice it until I typed it out.


But you are probably thinking – Ok, yeah we got it BORING… But, do I have any sort of news? Like did I win the Lotto? or Powerball? Did I finally buy milk and ham? Did I do the laundry? remember to return those overdue library books?

and the answers to those pressing questions are No, no (its crawling upwards of 95 millions), yes, no, hell no.. and those are still riding in my car.


The only thing that DOES make sense?  Tom got his job back.  Yes, the stupid people at his workplace finally got a clue and call him back into work, because “Hey, it was a mistake, we do need you afterall”

yes, seriously… their words.

He is back there, doing the same stuff he was doing before he got lay off.. meaning nothing as change.  Meaning while we have a bit of a peace of mind… we are still shitting in our pants.  Because, well, you did read the “Stupid people at his work” part, right?

So he is not taking it for granted.  He is still looking for something else that is a bit more stable and with less stupid people around.

and because a)I love this show and b) I like the character, it reminds me a bit of me

You have to the 1:30 mark.. but this song, just makes me want to get up and dance.. anyone know who sings it? Because I have spent 2 days looking for it all over the internet with.no.luck

He is not the only one thats got a bit of zing!


One Response to “I got zing too”

  1. Diane Mandy February 15, 2009 at 3:37 pm #

    I am so happy he got his job back! Belated Happy Valentine’s Day!

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