Don’t let the cheese hit me!

17 Feb

Where can you get adrenalin rushes, excitement, flying wheels of cheese and bungee jumping (the second in the world) in the alps and a twist of drama?

By watching this show every Sunday night

I cannot lie, I’m a reality TV junkie and among the Survivors, Top Chef, Project Runway and my guilty pleasure: ANTM (if you don’t know what that means – move along, this site is not for you)  The Amazing Race,  knows how to do reality the right way, it consistently wins Emmy Awards and who can resist Phil?  I mean really PHIL!.. he is yummy.

Last night, we (because I got Tom hooked on it too) laughed, shouted, and picked out our predictions of who will stay and who will go.  We are getting good at our predictions  too, because the team we hated on the first 20 min were Philiminated on the first leg!


But, whomever in the production team that came up with the cheese challange has to be given major kudos for thinking this shit thing up. The teams had to climb up some hill in Switzerland and bring down heavy blocks of cheese, using these rickety wooden carriers that are worse than useless while locals laugh openly at them.  I can almost guarantee the locals were not the only ones, because on the other side of the tube every person was peeing in their pants as we saw those cheeses roll down the hill at high speed.

Almost every single one of the busted their ass or dropped their block of cheese causing it to roll down the hill.  The latter caused Mel White, whose son and teammate is Mike White, to say, “Don’t let the cheese hit me!” Pleople this is what we reality TV junkies live for… lines like this and a production team that knows when they have gold on their hands.  I totally know that somewhere there is someone already designing a T-shirt with that phrase on it and making $29.99 a pop.  Excuse me while I go and copyright that phrase right now!


2 Responses to “Don’t let the cheese hit me!”

  1. running42k February 18, 2009 at 7:18 pm #

    How long do you give the hillbillies to be around?

  2. eusmaca February 18, 2009 at 9:32 pm #

    I would like to say about 2-3 more weeks, but its more hoping because they are great comic relief (sounds mean I know)… I mean they were at the pit stop and could NOT FIND IT! 3 teams got to the mat before them… yeah 2-weeks tops

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