Today I got the yuckies

20 Feb

I don’t know why I got the yuckies blues. Maybe it’s the weather?

We hit a sunny 61 degree kind-of-day..And while it’s COLD in my book (there a breeze and it’s a very coldish breeze), it’s a beautiful day, perfect to be laying back, soaking bits of the rays (in a sweater) and just do nothing – totally LAZY DAY.

Instead, I’m stuck at my desk, under florescent lighting (which does nothing for my complexion) in a much colder office (seriously, I can see my lips turning blue) and with no desired to do any type of work. Meaning that the 2-page to do list is just staring at me, screaming DO ME NOW! And all I want to do is read blogs, surf the internet for the perfect 32″ TV (for our bedroom) and find a kick ass pair of black high heels shoes to replace the ones that I threw away this morning.

I sort of like these…



But, I’m not to convince either, its more like of ‘blah” feeling about them. And that “blah” feeling can only mean that something is up.

Because the day I don’t get exited over a pair of shoes is the day the world is about to freeze over.


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