The world I live in is loud and harsh and it’s kicking my butt right now, but I have a PLAN!

4 Mar

In the last few days this is the shit that I had to deal with…

  • Tom’s car blew up!  Yes, you read it right… he called me on Friday to informed me he was in the middle of the expressway, across from the his car, which was hissing and smoking and that basically IT.WAS.TOAST.
  • I cannot move my neck and my shoulders are hurting like if I bench press more than my body weight.  Is it stress? I don’t know, because it’s just killing me to try to relax and not think about the fact that any sudden movement feels like I’m dying inside.
  • Its MARCH people… MARCH!  Note to 2009:  You are going to have to put the breaks on buddy; I just cannot keep up this fast pace anymore.
  • Got a fare notice change on my email today…The airfare that I purchased for our up-coming water rafting trip… has just been reduced to almost $150 bucks.  Unfortunately, the airline is sticking me with a “change” fee if I want to get a credit.. Guess how much is the fee?  Yeah, you guess it, more than the credit – I.HATE.THE.TRAVEL.INDUSTRY!
  • My GYN/OB informed me that I need to get a move on in the making baby business, because you know… I’M NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER… and my chanced to have a healthy, full term pregnancy go down as I grow older – he was just saying … you know?
  • Our fucking loan modification efforts are not getting us anywhere, we have talked to every single person in the lender company and we are not getting answers, or results – now I know why people walk away from their house.

I can go on, because I’m telling you when it rains, its thunderstorms all over the place in my world.  I guess sometimes is just easier to see the bad in the every day, and it’s so easy to slide into the survival mode in which we shout out to the big guy upstairs and demand a cupcake to make all the shit stuff disappear.

But, the guy upstairs is a comedian and instead of sending me a cupcake my way (WHICH IS WHAT I WANT IN THE FIRST PLACE), it gives me a big slap in the butt and reminds me that my grass is defiantly much greener than on the other side and I better stop focusing on the things that will drive me bat shit and need to find Grace in Small Things

So this is a challenge for me, to everyday… write down at least 5 things that I’m grateful for everyday, because you know I need a challenge like I need a hole in the head.

But, since I was dared to do this, and I’m no chicken shit, here we go…Today I’m grateful for:

  •  We found a great car for under $5,000
  • That a friend of mine has received the best news ever!  Since it’s personal, I cannot share. But let me tell you, IT’S THE BEST NEWS EVER!  One which we all been waiting for a very long time for and it opens tremendous opportunities.
  • Finding a great GYN/OB that takes the time to listen and to explain without using the big medical words.
  • Cupcakes!
  • Text from Tom, telling me how much he loves me (ahh yeah sappy – suck it up people!)
  • Knowing that tomorrow I’m going to be looking for the good stuff instead of the bad.

That’s 6, now do I get my cupcake?


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