Apparently it CAN get worse

5 Mar

Today, my boss, a man that has been in the company that I work for, for 22 years got a pink slip.  Yes, he was let go.  And as much as the management team keep tooting the horn that it’s not “personal, its business”… they have showed to everyone that integrity, respect and common decency no longer exist in corporate America.

I’m disgusted, sad and as nervous as a cat in a room with rocking chairs.  My boss, was a person that walked into my division full of ideas and taking upon himself a great burden, since the division was full of trouble (think Obama, in a smaller scale).  In the 3 years he has been there, improvements have been made, and while not all of the divisions problems have gone away, the moral and the numbers were climbing… we were seeing the big picture and knew that slowly but surely we were arriving at the finish line.

Apparently it was not good enough for upper management.

I don’t feel grateful today, I tried to find my 5 things and while I can come up with the fact that I still have a job, it does nothing to give me a peace of mind that I can keep that job, or that I even want to.

So I’m polishing my resume up and forgin ahead and hoping for the best.


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