Silver lining in the horizon? Let just hope.

7 Mar

For the past 2-3 month I have been sending my resume to open positions, hoping to make the jump while still employed.  The drive was that I wanted more mula and the only way to get it was making a jump to another company.

A couple of weeks ago I went to an interview.  I loved the company, I thought I had nailed it.  I was called back for a second interviewed.. then the person I was schedule to interview, got sick, got re-scheduled, she got sick again, then the HR person left for vacation, I was left on limbo for 2 weeks.  I just heard they gave the job to someone else.

Remember the part of about my life sucking? Yeah, well

I pressed on.  Then with yesterday’s surprise at work… the searching became a task of  life or death.  The whole episode with my boss, left a bad taste and I want out of there, the sooner the better.

Some of you are probably saying right not: “Your ungrateful bitch, do you know how many people are out of a job and you want to go an rattle the cage when you have perfectly good job right THERE???”  Yes, Internet, I’m crazy for doing this right now, during the economic climate.  But, DUDE, life does go on.. and I never been one to play it safe on anything.  I’m dumb like that.  And I been lucky thus far that those dumb moves then to play out to my advantage.

Because apparently I got someone watching my back. Today, I got a  called back from another company, had a phone interview, and set up a date next week for face-to-face interview.

I’m hoping this one will work out.

Could it be that life is turning around and maybe there is a silver lining?

pssstttt, lets not scare it.

Today’s Grace in Small things:

  • The chance for opportunities
  • Tomato pie (seriously how good is this thing? I can eat it all day long)
  • The purring of the cats next to me while I write this
  • THE WEEKEND (got a festival to go to)
  • Having someone at home to come to

One Response to “Silver lining in the horizon? Let just hope.”

  1. running42k March 9, 2009 at 7:14 pm #

    I wish you luck. I also feel the pain of this and the previous post.

    We really have to come up with an alternative to work.

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