I know the universe is giving me the finger today…

17 Mar

…how do I know this?  Here are today’s hints:

Not shaving my legs this morning.  Running on the logic that the skirt I chose to wear was long enough to cover my legs up to the ankles and no one was going to notice my hairy legs. Wrong, the length was just short off my hairy legs and I had go back and shave my legs anyway.

Spilling the café con leche on the countertop as the lady was handing it to me, soaking the damn short skirt.

Getting a beef empanada instead of the chicken one I ordered

Realizing half way to work that I forgot to take out the bag with all of the kitty litter clean up to the trash bin and instead left it hanging on the front door.

Knowing that my boyfriends poop eating dog was going to rip it to shreds and I was going to come home to a foul smelly living room with the remains of the bag all over the place.

Turning around and battling the morning traffic to get to the house before the poop eating dog got to the bag.

Running into the house, and thanking god that the bag was intact. Throwing the offending bag in the trash, stepping on poop while doing this, which was a present from the neighbor’s dog.

Having to change my outfit into a pair of pants and fresh shoes. (So much for shaving the legs)

Driving back to work, catching the train crossing the tracks, delaying me another 30 minutes in my effort to get to work.

Finally getting to work to and realizing that today I had a doctor’s appointment at 11am and I had ask for the morning off.

If that is not giving me the finger, I don’t know what is

My 5 grace in small things for today

  • Patience
  • Patience
  • Amazon Wish List!
  • Knowing that even if the day is bad, a single email can turn it all around (thank you boys!)
  • Not being greeted by dogs with a shit eating grin

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