Stock up full of Nutella

23 Mar

Remember playing hooky from school? and how much fun it was?

Yeah, it NOT so much when you do it as an adult.  Friday, due to some female problems, I stayed at home.  Those problems got worse over the weekend and so today I decided that I needed more rest to get over the problem that a 3-day weekend could not cure up.

So, I’m at home.  On a Monday.  With weather that totally sucks, because its raining outside.  Which makes me more sad and more blue and more lazy than ever.

I thougth of doing laundry, but I don’t wana

I thought of finishing the “new recipe book project” but I don’t wana

I been surfing the Internet, with no apparent need to do so – and pretty much read all of my goggle reader list.  And my favorite blogger are just obviously on vacation, because they are not posting fast enough for the like of me.

I read a bit, but got bored

I watched all of my DVR shows on my saved list… I have two movies from Netflix sitting on top of the TV cabinet, but, I think I TV’ed myself out.

While I’m so grateful for many things in my life.  I feel like right now everything is a bit gray.  I just cannot find myself to talk my way out of it.  Honestly, I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me.  I’m just in a funk.  I really do not want to do a thing, except turn off the light and sleep… I’m sort of “numb” with myself.

We have to do a couple of mayor decisions in the next few weeks, but at the same time we need to wait it out before we put them in motion.  I think that is what has me in a funk.  I tend to like to move forward once a decision has been made.  I’m like, Ok, done, lets put it into practice like YESTERDAY.  But, right now we are  at a stand still and we need to wait and  sit,  and the wait?  MY SWEET GOD… THE WAIT IS DRIVING ME F** NUTS!

And while I do see the end of this hellish wait period, it’s just throwing me into such a tail spin that its driving me bat shit with myself.  And this side is affecting all aspect of me and what surrounds me.  Everyone is in my war path, and I just cannot find myself with enough energy to pull myself together and snap out of it

Is this post a pity party? Yes it is, but then this is what the blog was always about – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Right now, we are batting on the bad and turning into ugly.

So bare with me, because I know for a fact that in a couple of weeks the grays will turn and those clouds will move and the bright blue will show up somehow and make everything better.

If not, my cupboard are stocked up full of Nutella and I don’t know about you any of you, but Nutella makes everything better.


2 Responses to “Stock up full of Nutella”

  1. running42k March 23, 2009 at 6:42 pm #

    Nutella does indeed work!

  2. Diane Mandy March 23, 2009 at 11:56 pm #

    Oh I hope things turn around for you soon! Feel better!

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