A bookworm, sucker for toys and puffins

3 Apr

It’s been written that the contents of your handbag, cupboards, and bedside table can say a lot about who you are.I have my doubts.

I mean, just because I have a messy cupboard does not mean that I’m messy person… it means that I know how to HIDE THE MESS.

And because I got nothing else to post about, I decided to put it to the test…I present to you my bedsite table:

Night Stand

Night Stand

The bedside table has been inherited from Tom’s bedroom set. My own nightstand, which is bigger (and prettier) is sitting in storage and its greatly missed.

Moving from left to right, top to bottom, then top again…

There is of course the lamp, which was a present from the NYBoys, when they graciously came down and decorated my bedroom about 3 years ago, it’s the perfect lamp, because it moves to any position that I want, perfect for reading and writing and at the same time is does not take up that much space. It’s also perfect to hold the cell phone charger cables, as you can see by the picture.

Then there are the books. I usually have about 3-4 books at a time around the bedside table. The one that I’m reading usually will sit on the edge, close to the bed – right now that spot is taken up by “It Sucked and Then I Cried” by Dooce.

There is a coaster which usually holds a big glass of iced something, this time is water. This is a must for me; I have to always have a drink close by, apparently reading is hard work and creates huge amounts of thirst…I’m also a huge ice eater.

Next to that you have the current junk mail, usually catalogues, or anything that needs my attention. I have a mirror box (also a present from the NYBoys) which has my passport, birth certificate, letters, cards, it’s the catch all box, when I was single the condoms where in there.

On top of the box you can find 2 of the 3 remote controls. One is for the cable box, the other for the TV, I really do not need the TV remote out, but its there, because I keep forgetting to change the batteries of the cable remove and I get pissed when it does not respond to my command. So instead of changing the batteries, I use the TV remove – very lazy indeed.

The third remote belongs to the Bose wave music system, where the sleep button rescues me come morning during the Monica against the alarm clock throw down. I love my Bose, I bought this about 10 years ago and it sound quality works just like it did when I bought it, tells you tons about their products. (Did I just plug in Bose? Yes.I.did)

Then you have a bottle of aspirin (from Canada!), behind that is the current hand cream. This usually changes, I don’t have a favorite hand cream, the only pre-requisite is that it must smell of Almond and this brand has the best almond smell, its made in Italy and I usually find it in the local Marshall’s or TJ Maxx store. Behind that I have a bottle of air freshener, bought in Target and that one needs to smell like Lavender, because, well it’s the best smell to relax with, shower with, and I can go on, but I’m won’t bore you.

On top of the Bose, you will usually find the before mentioned third control, and the blue felt square holds my contraceptive pills, which need to be out, or I will forget to take them. And on the other side you can find the cell phones, either mine, Tom’s or both.

I usually also have a vase with flowers, but since there is not enough space, I have fallen off the wagon with this habit, and now that I’m writing about it, I realized how much I miss having a punch of color with pretty flowers on my nightstand.

Then there is the shelf about the nightstand:

Shelf aboved

Shelf aboved

And here I place everything else that does not fit in my nightstand…. books currently waiting for me to read:
Jodi Picoult: I just discover her (I know, I been behind) and her books make me think and cry, which is not a bad combination
J.D. Robb: I love this series, it’s the only author (which is Nora Roberts) that I just cannot wait until it goes to paperback, and I need to buy it once it comes out.
John Grisham: Legal system at its best
Sandra Brown: Tom’s mom gave me this one to read, she is not one of my favorite, but I figure it was a quick read – plus how can you say not to your future mother-in-law?

The picture of the 2 Atlantic Puffins is one of my prize possessions; it was given to me by Tom, when we went up to Maine last year. I love the colors and every time I look it makes me smile.

I also collect the Dunny Series and I have two of my favorites there, it’s the kid in me, it reminds me to keep young at hear.

There is other stuff not shown in the picture: My laptop, bulletin board, and calendar and it’s the central hub of communication in the house. Since I don’t have an office, I choose to put it in the bedroom, which is where we spend most of our time anyways.

So there you have it, now tell me, after all that, what greater insight does it tell you about me?

Besides the fact that I’m a bookworm, sucker for toys and puffins.


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