House Hunter

6 Apr

After many discussions, pleading, and an itsy bitsy mental breakdown from me, were leaving the hellhole his house for better digs.

I’m so happy I think I just did the Macarena dance on replay for the last couple of weeks.  You may wonder why I’m so happy? And that is because of one simple fact: I get to take MY STUFF out of storage!  That people is monumental. Do you know how out of touch with myself I been, because I have not had MY STUFF around me for the past 9 months?

Yeah, the crazy has been in full force the last 9 months, ask Tom he had to put up with it.

With this monumental decision comes a whole new set of issues and stress. Because, now we are in a whole new territory in our relationship. What type of house we both like? What location we both like? How much are we willing to wiggle on the set rent amount if we find like THE HOUSE WE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT? Who is going to play the bad cop and the good cop with the realtor, owner? Carpet or wood floor? Small yard? Big yard? Pool no Pool? Garage or carport?

See, MONUMENTAL decision.

Lots and lots of decisions people…I’m exhausted and we have not even tried that hard to look. We decide to really look after we come back from our North Carolina rafting trip. We feel that after putting our lives in danger, we will be more relax to tackle this new event in our lives.

And if not, we still be relax-plenty to kill each other kindly in the process.


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