Wilderness…it can be posh

20 Apr

In 3 days, myself , Tom, BFF and the NYBoxy will be “roughing-it” in the mist of North Carolina’s wilderness.  After much deliberation we decided that the only version of camping acceptable to all, was staying in the middle of nowhere.  Where we had to watch out for wild animals, so we decided that this will have to do:

Our version of our camping tent

Our version of our camping tent

And since we are a picky bunch, we figure this bit of relaxing incentive needed to be present as well:

The view! The view!

The view! The view!

Then on friday, we will be signing our lives away in a form of a waiver and gladly jump into very cold, very quick moving water aboard an inflatable raft.  So we can do some of this:



We have no clue what we are about to do.

Except that we paid good money to have a guide, to tell us what to do, and by chance to save us from any stupid moves we may decided to make. The River rats (which are the name given to the guides that are hired by the rafting companies) are trained in white-water rescue, CPR, first aid.

This fact is what keeping some of us from freaking out and saying NO.WAY.JOSE!  BECAUSE we have a river rat,  who can save our ass!

As always, the organized little person in me, has read all I can about the actual trip, because leaving it up to chance it just way to much stress for me – I need to KNOW what to expect.  And all I have done is gotten more confuse about the whole thing. I mean, you need to remember strokes names like: forward, stern draw, reverse sweeps… can we say one word here: CONFUSING! (and we have not even started!) what is confusing, the definitions of before mentioned strokes do not do what the name suggest. Case in point:

The Forward Sweep – You would figure “to move forward”… ah, yeah, no” this allows you to “TURN” without slowing down.

The Reverse sweep – Let’s see, reverse, mean backward right? NO! This will slow you down and help get the boat headed in the correct direction – as in FORWARD.. not REVERSE.

These river folks are strange people.

Of course we need to keep this in our minds, while getting slam by rapids, and trying not to get thrown out of the raft and be on the lookout for branches, rocks, and other stuff.

We are going to have a BLAST!


One Response to “Wilderness…it can be posh”

  1. running42k April 22, 2009 at 5:49 pm #

    That really looks like roughing it.

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