Fancy, Snazzy and in white

28 Apr

No it’s not what you guys think (even thought I got quite a bit of secrets stored up in the Pandora box of my life).

Apparently I have been practicing the art of “the Secret” – sending out the message to the universe that I want something, I’m deserving of something, and I will get it, no-matter-what.  and what do I desire?

A nice, fanzy, snazzy iPhone.

Apparently the laws of attraction are in full force.

A couple of month’s back I left Metro piece of shit PCS for the glamorous world of AT&T.  Mainly because Tom had a family plan and it was cheaper.  At that time, during my phone picking, I was lured by the iPhone, and as I drooled over it in the showroom, sensibility took over and I ended up with a nice Sony Ericsson. And up to this point it has worked just fine. Ok, I DID NOT have the fancy, snazzy, iPhone, but, me? Rational me? well

(You know where this is going don’t you?)

And the story could end there…Except! all of my friends had the fancy, snazzy iPhone. And do you know HOW HARD IS TO BE THE ODD MAN OUT AND DEAL?

Yeah, I thought so. (At least in my world)

This past weekend, the iPhone proved its dependability and coolness factor. It GPS us across 2 states, numerous towns and cities and even let us tip the waiter the right amount while splitting the check equal 5 ways.

Yeah, I suffered

Sometime between leaving North Carolina and arriving back home… I lost my dependable, not-so-snazzy Sony Ericsson cell phone.

Last seen? Between 7:30 and 8:30pm, Sunday Night.

Monday we sent out an all out searched party with no success. We search high and low, in places where there was not a possibility in hell that the phone could be there.  But, we searched – EVERYWHERE.  And the phone just went up in smoke – POOF.  No where to be found.

I could take it as bad luck and my ability to be so organized that sometimes, in tiny, itsy, bitsy instances, my perfect arranged world something is bound to fall thru the cracks – because you now, life is there to TEACH US A LESSON at ALL TIMES and not get so comfy.

But, I knew deep down that for the past months, I have been visualizing and imagining myself with an iPhone.  In my purse, in my hand, in my house…everywhere!  The words “I cannot afford it”, “It’s to expensive” have been replace with “I’m an iPhone magnet and it will come to me effortlessly and easily”.

Yes, sir, lots of mombo-jumbo around these parts.

But, the fact of the matter is that losing my Sony Ericsson has paved the way to obtaining what I wanted the first place – a fancy, snazzy iPhone.

Preferably, in white, which a cool case to go with it.


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