Literelly we were Beyond the view

4 May

So here we go… a small recap of the first day of our trip to the Smoky Mountains.

Our primary reason for traveling to the mountains was because we wanted to rappel down a fast moving river and at the same time hold paddles and say that we survive water rafting… and also see cute outdoorsy looking guides (sorry Tom!).

In order words – we wanted to be cool and have those great stories that people well travelled have during dinner parties.

So off we went. The flight was as expected, on time and with no major hiccups – at least for some of us.   The BFF, got stuck in Miami due to delays. Which was no surprise to any of us, she has a track record on her flights having problems. In the past 4 years, every single trip we have done she was a late arrival/departure. We have gotten use to it, and she has found the necessary bars in the airport to tie her over.

While she was fighting her panic in Miami (and drowning a couple of drinks), we (Tom, the NYBoys and I) were having lunch at Atlanta Station, specifically, at California Pizza Kitchen.

Afterwards we set out back to the airport to pick up the late arrival and off we went on I-85 towards North Carolina. The drive up was pretty much smooth, we saw lots of mountains, winding expressways and once we hit North Carolina lots of  trading post and odd ball shops. We made it to Bryson City on time and we set out to drive out to our rented cabin.

And here it gets interesting. Originally when I called to make the reservations for our cabin, one of the requirements was that it be in a remote, out of the way location. We got our wish.  Here is a bit of a preview of the directions that were given to us in order to GET to the cabin:

Turn Right onto xxx Street, Drive through 3 red lights up the hill, Merge Right onto Hwy xx West, Take exit xx, Turn Left at Stop Sign – Set Odometer – Drive across the overpass. Drive 4 miles, Turn right onto xxx. Drive 2.5 miles, and Turn right onto xxx Rd. The road will fork stay to the right. Continue up the hill. The road will split 3 ways -Stay in the middle, Drive through small red gate, Turn left on to xxx (there is a road sign), and Drive through small creek, Follow road it will curve to the right and dead end at Beyond the View.

The first time we got dizzy, by the next day we got use to the panoramas and the curves on the road, plus you cannot beat driving up the mountain and encountering views that take your breath away.

The cabin was much more than we expected – full of charm (lots of bear/moose/birds trinkets) and while we did not have cellular connection (who needs it right?) we did have all the convenience that you can expect – Internet, TV’s, phone (land line!), full gourmet kitchen, great big bedrooms and the views… Sweet baby Jesus, the VIEWS were AMAZING… Totally SPECTACULAR – nothing for miles around you except woods, mountains and never ending landscapes. It was the ultimate relaxer, better than a Valium – TRUST ME.

We did not waste time in traveling down the path once more to the city to raid the supermarket – code word : “LET US GET LIQUOR NOW.”

Then back up the mountain we went, because we had a date with a bake brie, a couple of wine/beer bottles, a fire, a sunset and some catch up gossip.

We capture our moments with tons of pictures and for the first time in video and since this is the first movie I make.. it may have some shaking and turbulence and totally people speaking out of turn…. not even the cute musics can mask our surprise upon seeing animals in the road – we are so lame!


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