Travel Phrase!

5 May

You know when you travel in packs (as I do), there will be a stupid phrase that would just pops up out of nowhere, someone said something-something, or somebody else heard it wrong, or typed it wrong, or.. well you know where I’m going with this. 

And then that specific phrase is being used and abused by everyone during the trip.  They have the urged to use it at all times in the most odd moments (or not) and they [the phrase] just stick until the next trip, when the previous catch phrase catches up with the newer one and then there is nothing you can do, it becomes something that only you and the pack totally can relate to.

Well, North Carolina was no exception here.  We went for broke and these are the ones that came up during the trip.  I apologized, since some may not mean anything to you (in fact you are probably wondering why in the hell you are reading them in the first place) but humor me… in fact.. lets play a game!  Let’s see, if you can guess the context they were used for.

“She wants me to “UPS” her… what the fucks does she mean by that?”

“Ohhhh, you mean “GPS” you! Still, what the fuck do you mean?”

“Your horse has a serious attitude problem”

“Chickens! Chickens!”

“no, that is a rooster”

“Is that a llama? What the hell is a llama doing in North Carolina?”


“No, its not “INGLES”… its “IN-GLES”… it’s not our fault that you cannot pronounce it right

“Dude we can totally UPS you”


One Response to “Travel Phrase!”

  1. Mo May 6, 2009 at 5:00 pm #

    No such list should ever be created without the ever present and unforgetable “Shakira”

    “Play it again Sam”

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