Bad, Bad Blogger – I am

14 May

Yes, Internet.. I’m sucking on keeping my resolution to blog more…

I have no excuse…

…except that a new IKEA open up in town and well, you know, that has taken up all of my time!  Because, now I’m only 15 minutes away from Almond Cake, and frizzy pear drinks and $.50 hot dogs and $1.00 frozen yogurt.  And lets not even start on furniture, and kitchen stuff!  I should just take my inflatable bed and live there. FOREVER.

Besides the obsessiveness that IKEA instills in me, I’m also super busy at work. And if you have read me enough, you know that I always singing that song: “Work is kicking my ass!”  But, the last 3 weeks has been – well, KICKING MY ASS!  3 weeks ago, 17 people were let go and the other assistant was part of the cut, so that means that I’m doing the job of 2 people, supporting a total of 12 babies directors and trying, very, very hard not to LOOSE MY SHIT.

I’m DEAD bone tired at the end of the day.  So much so, that any coherent thought is put on hold somewhere in my brain, in an obscured place, to be jumped started when I once more sit at my desk the next day.  And of course, being that my life revolves around work, work, and more work.  There is not much to blog about, because lets face it, my JOB may be consuming me, but its NOT blogging material.

So you may be saying, but wait, helloooo, YOU DO HAVE BLOGGING material – doncha?  Because,  I been promising more recaps from our North Carolina trip that happen almost a MONTH AGO.

and I’m going to point fingers right now….

Because during this trip, I got lazy and let them  (and you know who you are) play photographers.   And well a story is as good as the pictures that go with it.  And those pictures? The ones that I would share with you  during my recaps are sitting in their hard drive – BURNING A HOLE IN IT, waiting for them to get off their asses and send them to me, so I CAN USE THEM.

Yes, I”M TALKING TO THE BOTH OF YOU… *cough,cough* ::::and I’m so pointing:::::

So, until they send me the goods, I’m stuck with a picture-less (is that even a word?) recap, which translates to NO FUN.

I hope that with this I may make up for it:

Horsing around the mountain top


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