What is “bad” in our book, its “shits” in yours.

15 May

Yesterday was a do-over day. You know Why? All of this happened before 9AM yesterday

Woke up to find that Maggie, the mutt dog, had a droopy ear. Upon inspection, one of her ears was swollen to the size of a small lime and it seemed to hurt her when we even try to breath next to her.

Tom freaked out. I merely stated the fact “She needs to go to the vet”

A flurry of phone calls to mothers, sister and the vet insured that it would be taken care of at the end of the day.

Tom was more freaked out at the end of all of it. I was glad that I did not had to deal with his freaked out mode anymore. I have mentioned before that I’m NOT A MORNING PERSON… right? (And one freak out person at a time please, preferably me being the one freaking out.)

Then… as I was a quarter of the way to work, I received a phone call from Tom. He got a flat tired on his way to work… Side note: why does it seems like your car purposely tries to get a flat tire at the least opportune moments. Like when you are rushing home from work to catch your favorite episode of “Happy Days,” for instance. You know, the one where Fonzie rides the killer bull while on vacation in Colorado.

And because we need to complicate something as simple as changing a flat tire… he informed me that he could not find the “lug wrench” – huh? (anyone? anyone? Me-no-speak-mechanics)

Did I mention that he had been at the job less than 2 days????

Yeah – UNIVERSE stick it to US! (We are giving you the finger too!)

Drove back to get him. Drove to the nearest Auto shop to buy the lug wrench, which is the thingy to loose the “tire knobs” or as he informed me, the “Wheel lugs” because, apparently we had time to correct my vocabulary at 7:30 in.the.morning!

Then, we drove back to the car and I did what a girl needs to do, while wearing very high heels and a pencil skirt, in the middle of a not-so-great neighborhood. I stood next to him, striking a pose, and watching him sweat while changing the tire.

It took less than 15 minutes. Yeah Tom!

I kiss the boy goodbye and got back to my work commute. While thinking, “Glad that this awful morning is over”

Drum roll please!

Finally I got to work, to find out, that out HR director had been laid off.

Apperantly someone ELSE had a worse shitier morning than us.


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