Not a crack head or prostitute around

20 May

Sweet Baby Jesus. I.HAPPENED. the earth moved and we.are moving to a new home.

I’m still pinching myself. After living in the hell hole, Tom’s house for the past 11 months and searching high and low for the past 2 months, we have found a house.

That we both love

That has enough space for everyone – pets included

That is updated (as updated it could be for a house that is 89 years old.) with nice dark wood floors, and smooth color coordinated walls! And it’s all ours, for the right price, in the right neighborhood, with the right feeling.

So, for the next 2 weeks there will be pandemonium of activities in the household, with packing (not very much, since I’m still living in out of the boxes from my previous dwelling) and lots and lots of “weaning out” – Tom has a lot of shit stuff.

I’m so happy about this move I could sit here and cry so many tears of happiness it will probably scare people off.

While I love the fact that Tom and I are now living in puffy sin and reap the benefits (less expenses, not eating dinner alone, funny-shared moments and on-the-spot-sex) I was not terribly fond of the neighborhood (nor the house) we currently lived in. I had to get use to the fact that crack heads, and prostitutes would be walking around my front yard, knocking on my door asking for a couple of bucks to buy drugs and booze. And folks, walking around on “red-alert” mode 24/7 take a lot out of you mentally.

But now, this neighborhood is full of trees, and wide roads and houses that have big yards and sidewalks! Image that, we can actually walk the dogs, not to mention ourselves! We drove by last night to scope out the surrounding and guess what? No crack heads, no prostitutes.

Just quiet, simple living.


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