Our house in the middle of the street

27 May

Today we signed the paperwork and got the keys to our new house. All the while hiked up on nice drugs for pain.  I wonder if the landlord notice that his new tenant was just talking out of her ass?

Yesterday, while at work, sitting down I reached for something, and felt a sharp pain on my left side.  It was sharp enough for me to suck on air and exclaim something like holyshit-motherfucker!!! “ouch”.  I took it as a wrong move and then popped 2 Aleve for the pain.

Cut to 3 hours later, I was on the chair in the office scare to even move an inch.  My lower back, along with my hips and everything below that was screaming in pain.  Folks, the only thing that stopped me for crying was the fact that I did not want my co-workers to panic and call an ambulance (which they have done before in much lesser circumstances) and become the water cooler story of the moment.

I sucked it up, made an appointment with my doctor and then did the most stupid thing ever. Got in my car and drove to the doctor.  Let me tell you, it was NOT A NICE EXPERIENCE.

The verdict?

A pinched nerve.  And I was promptly sent home with pain medicine, inflammatory pills, cold packs and strict order of 2 day BED REST!

Apparently the good doctor was not aware that I’m in the stages of MOVING!  And a pinch nerve was NOT in the LIST for things to tackle in the next 2 weeks.

So, today, I’m here, IN BED wondering how in the hell we start to move this weekend?  We have a washer and dryer to pick up, and install and then tons of boxes that need to be moved out of my storage. Painting to buy and put to use on the kitchen, not to mention cleaning of the new house.


This is all going to fall on Tom to do, since the most he will get out of me, is shouting for my pain meds.


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