Monica – 0, Skull – 1

2 Jun

It’s never ending! I figure that with the last move, I had purged a lot of my stuff. Apparently, it creeps up while your back is turned.

How did we get so much stuff?

The good thing is that most of it is going to be donated or dumped in the trash. Because we decided that we are taking only what we really, really need and use on the daily basis to the new house.

The old blanket, with the whole – gone!
The cracked cup – gone!
Tom’s mega speakers – gone, gone and gone!
The dog smelly blanket – gone!

For the most part Tom and I have been in agreement of the removal efforts. But it all comes to a screeching halt once we get to his bookcase (I call it the dreadful bookcase). In the hideous bookcase you will find the following items. His stereo equipment, pictures of his family, two stepping stones which were made by his son, 2 stuffed monkeys, which hold a very sentimental value since they were his father’s.

But, then within these prize belongings, he has a huge amount of knick knacks that I have never fully understood their purpose at all. Within these, there is this revolting skull, which I have been trying to ignore the whole 10 months that I have been there. It serves no purpose, it attracts dust bunnies bigger than a house, and on top of it, it has blinking Christmas lights on it and oh, yeah DID I MENTION IT’S HIDEOUS? I have tried to get rid of it by any means possible and no matter what excuses I have tried or measures I have taken, the skull lives on.

Last night, we had our biggest argument.

Yep you guess it, about the unsightly SKULL. No matter how I propose it, he is set (the bull headed came out in full force) against getting rid of it. I even tried to use the hated female ways and squeeze tears out – no dice. At the end of it all…

Monica – 0, Skull – 1

I have 3 more days to come up with ways for the stupid thing to magically disappear. I’m totally sure that out of site, out of mind.

Trust me; I’m not losing to a skull


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