Hoping, begging and praying

3 Jun

With only 3 days in, June is just misbehaving I’m here hoping and praying that things will just get better on all fronts soon, because the next thing for me to do is to go certifiable or slip into an alcohol-induce stupor and sit in a corner rocking back and forth.

The saga continues. Last night, we had a bit of rain (because, of course, THIS move cannot be easy at all, we need to have DRAMA all around it) and had to delay the plan of moving some of our stuff from the old house to the new house.

We got it done, but under very wet conditions. Picture: poor Tom running back and forth between the car and the front of the house, trying (and failing), to protect the boxes from getting soaking wet.

But the icing on the cake?

While we were emptying the room that has been my closet for the past 10 month, we notice that a corner of the carpet was wet. As in “a drowned rat” wet. We first thought that Rufus, the 150 pound dog, had taken upon itself to show us a bit of defiant behavior and peed just to be naughty. While Tom yelled at the dog and pretty much freaked him out, I proceeded to clean up the mess. And during the clean up, I realized that it was not pee, but water, plain, water. After feeling the joy that the dog was not being rebellious and I was not cleaning PEE, panic set in.

Where in the hell was the water coming from?

Cue in the “tragic music”…

I looked up… and holy shit, the ceiling was leaking! As in very slow and painful leaking – it was like the house was fucking crying people!

Cue in the “you crazy” music.

More panic set in… and the “what if’s” started:

… the ceiling cave in?
… It fell on my clothes?
… The whole house can collapse!

Then the praying:

… Please don’t let anything happen until we are out of here.
… Hold off 3 more days!
… Holy shit, we are screwed!

This morning as I was getting my clothes for work, I looked up and the ceiling was bent – as in, its just straining under whatever is there (Tom and I refuse to even considered going up the attic to see what is up there) pushing it downward. We have completely cut off any feelings we may have on the old house and we want nothing more to do with it. We just want out.

I yelled at the house:


I tell you… someone up there is just asking for me to give them the finger.


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