It FELLLLLLLL – Beep! Beep!

4 Jun

Yep, Internet, the ceiling on the room fell.  SPLAT!

Now there is more water, because you know IT HAS NOT STOPPED RAINING here in Florida.  And half of the carpet is wet, really wet, the wet that makes squishy noises when you walk on it and leave a trail of wet shoe prints all over the house.

We are OVER IT.  How? We close the door of the room and speak the mantra “Out of site, Out of mind” we have reached a point of impenetrable state of aloofness, this sort of head-detached-from-body-stoicism.  I highly recommend it.  Because in our mind we are already living in thew new house – the shiny, new everything-works-perfect-house.

I continue to picture on my mind one of those road runner comic episodes where all you hear is the “beep! beep!” and the road-runner zipping by, getting to the OTHER SIDE of the CANYON faster than the speed of light – that folks is what we are going to look like, come Saturday.  And if we play our cards right, it should take us about 2 hours (if not less) to empty out the shit hole and leave it, FOREVER and EVER – AMEN!

Beep! Beep!


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