Phase 2 – or otherwise known as…we had TOO MUCH STUFF!

10 Jun
Its OVER!!!

At least the hard part, all the while wondering “how in the hell did we get so much STUFF!”

Saturday’s move adventure went something like this:

7:30 AM, went to pick up truck at local U-Haul. All the while cursing up a storm, because it was RAINING!  Then went to get breakfast, because, we knew we were going to need it, plus we were giving the weather gnome time to get with the program and STOP.THE.RAIN.

9:00 AM we were back in the old house and packing the last minute stuff.

10:00 AM, Tom’s helpers friends started arriving, and after 30 minutes of doing the necessary “chat-up” they got to work on moving, shoving, pushing and loading the truck. Amazingly it took them 1 hour to load up the stuff.

Just enough time for the weather gnome to send back more rain our way.

12:00 PM traveled to new house. Waited an hour for rain to let up. And during a rain-free 30 minutes, unloaded the truck in records time (I think it was the fear of more rain that made them haul ass).

1:00 PM traveled to the storage to load up my stuff. This took us 30 minutes thanks to having flat dollies and ramps and strategically placed truck parking.

1:30 PM back to the new house we went. Looking out of the rain soaked windshield and promising each other that we WILL NEVER MOVE AGAIN.

2:00 PM DONE! (or we thought)

2:30 Sat down and realized that I needed to sell my couch, loveseat, bed frame, and most likely the armoire because they were WAY too big for the space.

3:30 PM Realized that the hard part was not over, but just starting. Our new home looked like a U-Haul after-party hangover.  The amount of boxes around us made us feel claustrophobic – we had THAT MANY BOXES… HOW IN THE HELL DID WE COLLECT THAT MUCH STUFF?

4:00 PM Promise again that we WILL NEVER MOVE AGAIN.

And for those who are curious (and have asked).. this is the front of the house:

pretty, pretty

pretty, pretty

It still work in progress.  We are thinking of hanging one of those porch swings and have two wicker chairs on the side so we can be all American-like and sit out and snoop on our neighbors relax while sipping a tall glass of tea. 

I will show you the inside on the next posts.. because well there will be a before and after edition coming.  Mainly the before: “room FULL OF BOXES”, after: “room WITHOUT BOXES”.


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