I’m usually good with remembering important dates

11 Jun

Apparently I’m loosing my touch…

Today is Tom’s 40th birthday.

And I totally FORGOT ABOUT IT! (Warning to reader, there will be lots of caps on this post)

Between the move, the house, and everything else that’s running around (without breaks) inside my brain, I TOTALLY FORGOT TOM’S BIRTHDAY.  And not just any birthday, but THE BIG ONE!!!

You know how I remember it? My iPhone sent me a reminder this morning. Let me repeat that for those in back of the room… MY IPHONE REMINDED ME THIS MORNING!

Bad, Bad, Bad…

The worse part of all of this is that, before THE MOVE, the new house, and everything else, I was really working this up. I was checking out travel sites, and out of the way nooks that I could zip him away for a BIG birthday weekend (like I did last year, and needed to top this year). Because, you know, it would be the BIG ONE! (Sorry, have I said that ALREADY?)


If it all had worked out, we will be on a plane today, en route to an International romantic location on the beach, just us, ready to drink sweet drinks with colorful umbrellas and lay on the hot Caribbean sun making sure we work those tan lines.

Instead, I’m at work, wondering how in the hell am I going to make up for this HUGE oversight. And, Internet,  I’m clueless! Totally and mentally void of any ideas. I cannot even come up with a good restaurant idea to take him! And trust me, after the total crazy I been dishing out for the past 3 weeks, he totally deserved the pampering.

This morning, after the reminder from the iPhone, I walked up to this sleepy man, sitting on our bed and sat on his lap and simply told him “Happy Birthday”. Just like that, no over-the-top hop-la, no hidden presents, not even a sappy card. Because, how do I begin to tell this man, what he means to me?

I could attempt to write something, about the relationship we have, the relationship I’m so damn proud of I want to list it on a top ten list and shout it out to the world. This man, who has been in my life for such a short time, but has made such a huge impact. He is my home, my friend, my love. He is full of loyalty and kindness and generosity and good times and great friends. Never judgmental, never opinionated, never pretentious. He is laughs and gestures and moments that astonish me with their simplicity and their magnitude.

He is at his best in spotted jeans and t-shirts full of holes, dirty hands and rolling on the floor with the dogs. He is stubborn, and forgetful and proud. He is a musician, a painter, a dreamer, a softy inside. He is my grand prize, my accomplishment, my voice of reason.  He is loved by his son, brother, mother and me.

And today he is another year older.

And today, I will offer a simple “Happy Birthday” and a promise that many more will come.

Hopefully with passports, and fruity drinks, and hot sand between our toes



One Response to “I’m usually good with remembering important dates”

  1. Mo June 15, 2009 at 9:26 am #

    HAPPY BDAY TOM ! ! ! !

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