We have reduced to live “THE LIST”.

15 Jun

We have been tackling the unpacking little by little, because honestly after an 8 hour-work day, who wants to come home and work another 3-4 hours – anyone? Anyone?

Yeah, I thought so.

So in order to feel like we are moving forward, we promise that during the week, we would tackle one project, during the weekend, at least 3-4… depending on the amount of work each of those projects takes us. And in order to keep us in track and accountable (because if we want, we can be very lazy people), we have made up “THE LIST”.  The all powerful list that will consume our lives for the next couple of weeks – Trust me on this.  You just watch, I will be posting and referring to THE LIST every chance I get.

Now a bit of a background story…The new house has been recently remodeled. And of course, the closets, bathrooms and most cupboards do not have any storage systems in place. Meaning: we have to create one, and before we do this, we have to find a systems, fight about it and then buy a system, probably assemble the damn and thing and install it.

And this means one thing only – a trip to IKEA – god help me!

And a trip to Home Depot – god help Tom!

While we have Home Depot under control (we know this store like the back of our hands).  Tampa just had the pleasure of welcoming a new IKEA store (good for me, bad for my bank account!) and like any new IKEA gran opening, mayhem follows.  Because, most of the visitors to the store are IKEA newbie. They don’t know how the system works, they only come for the cheap meal and stop the flow because they are walking thru the store in total confusion mode. For a season IKEA shopper, like me, it’s enough to annoy the shit out of us. So a trip that normally can take 1 hour tops, would take about 3 hours just trying to crawl your way around the curious lookers.

This weekend we started off with 2 shopping list. (which are part of THE LIST):


Bathroom Cabinets
LACK Wall Shelving Unit
Cubes or Shelving unit (Idea?) for Master closet
Power Strips (outlet plugs)
Light bulbs
Kitchen towels – Knife magnetic strip
Hallway closet Panels
Track rails (Bedroom, Laundry Room, and hallway closet)
Single sheet set for D’s room

SHOPPING (Home Depot)
Stripper for vanity
Stain & Pain for hardware
Broom & Dust Pan (for outside)

Drywall for under the stairs space (need to measure!!!)
Dowell and brackets for bedroom closet
Hardware for Kitty Door (1 magnetic strip, 2 hinges, 1 door handle)
Wood shelves for Kitchen bookcase 13”x31¾”
Wood strip (to hold shelves)
Crazy glue
Outlet adaptor
Bathroom (master) outlet
UF Cable (electricity outside)

Peg board hooks
Solar outside lights (price check)
Screws for washer brackets
Saw horse
Paint (White) for Bookcase shelves

Here is THE LIST we had for this past weekend projects

Got to Ikea & Home Depot (Friday night?)
Strip Vanity (and stain)
Stack Washer and Dryer
Install dowel & shoe rack in closet (master)
Built shelves unit for Laundry space
Sort clothes/shoes – get rid of unused (goodwill!)
Master – install the LACK shelve unit on the wall – organized TV, Cable Box
Built Shelves for Kitchen bookcase & Paint them
Organized Laundry/office space
Built and install Bathroom cabinets
Kitty door – install!
Wash Dogs
Throw out boxes by front door!!
Post couch/love seat in craiglist (take pictures!)

We were able to accomplish almost half some of the list projects. Including the two huge shopping trips to Ikea and Home Depot. Somewhere between Saturday night and Sunday morning we sort of lost steam and had to force ourselves to just sit still for at least a couple of hours. We promptly feel sleep and woke up 5 hours later!

We now have to kill the rest of the stuff off the To-do list. While continuing to unpack boxes and not go crazy in the process.

The house is taking shape, and its beginning to form some type of order.  Now, the only thing we needs is magical power, where we tich our noses and Boom! everything is done and in its place.

mmmm, maybe that should be added to THE LIST.


One Response to “We have reduced to live “THE LIST”.”

  1. amir June 16, 2009 at 6:06 am #

    Ouch! I feel your pain!!! I think the first thing to do, is to buy some alcohol to soothe this period. If you complete all this within 8 weeks you’ll be GOLDEN trust me!.

    anyway’s here’s a neat site I found for you doing wall units, entertainment centers etc. All with free delivery and installation, so you both don’t sweat to death. check it out http://www.milesgershon.com



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