Evil is for wimps, I take “luck” for $100

18 Jun

Today as I was doing my business in the restroom (peeing people, peeing). I notice that I had put on my underwear backwards this morning.


I sort of laughed about it and then I got a phone call from my mother:

Mom: “Hey, How are you today, feeling better?”
Me: “Ok, just tired, so tired in fact, that I just notice that I put my underwear backwards today, can you believe that?”
Mom: “Ohhh, don’t changed them back, it means you are protected from evil and that it will bring you good luck!”

Yes, these ARE the type of phone calls that my mother and I sort of have 2-3 days a week.

I don’t know about being protected from evil, but, right now we need all the luck we can get.


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