Down the rabbit hole of redecorating

30 Jun

Our summer has been pretty spotty so far with lots of rain and instead of cooler temperatures, we have gotten a lot hotter ones. Right now, as I write this (in the office) the weather outside is gray, and wet (rain, rain and more rain) and it’s HOT. As in sticky, uncomfortable, yucky HOT. Oh my god, the hotness is unbearable. And this unbearable hot weather makes you want to do one thing and one thing only… hide under the A/C and sleep it off.

If only we had the luxury of doing that… but we don’t, because we are still in the middle of getting the house ready. Has this become a broken record? YES IT HAS, but there is NOTHING else happening in my life, so suck up my peeps.

But, we are so hating the weather down here south, because, most of the project that we have going at home need major cooperation from the weather gods, since we need sunny, non-raining days in order to work in the backyard by the shed. And those plans have gone to hell, due to the inconsistent weather patters we have been experiencing of late. We had put on hold at least 4 projects that we cannot do inside the house – And it’s driving me up the wall (actually “bat shit crazy” would be a better term) since these projects will give me:

a) shelf’s! So I can put my collection of cookbooks away
b) A finish vanity to store the makeup, jewelry, and knickknacks in the bedroom, making room for my underwear/sock drawer in the already limited bedroom closet.

The projects that have been completed center on the mass building of IKEA furniture we have done. Side note, we have become such experts on this that we no longer look at the instructions; we just KNOW how to build the damn thing.

But all that building has paid off since we have made progress in other areas.

Living room: Sort of done, or at least the component that holds the TV, DVD, Wii, games, and all the other crap that fall into the living room.

Kitchen is 90% done.

Entrance of the house or “foyer”: we decided to turn this small area into a sitting/library area and MY GOD, we just can not come up with the layout that we like, we have moved the furniture a thousand times around the room and we are still NOT happy with the way it looks (NYBoys do you hear that???).

Dinning room is off the kitchen and we have plans for that one, but they are on hold, because we need to build something and of course we need to be OUTSIDE to do it.

The ROOM: There is a room that we are totally on board with and that is the back room, which we named “the room”, because if there is a multifunction room, this one is it. It’s the Laundry room, the music room, the office, the art room, the dog room and god knows what else it’s going to end up being used for. But this room, is done*, (well maybe not the laundry that we put there yesterday).

The Bedroom: The 2 most important things are there, the bed and the TV.. ‘nff said

We of course are not finished; we have not put up any painting, frames, or anything that can be placed on the wall. We have not set out lamps, or any decorative stuff. We have not even painted a wall! We decided to wait for our Design Helpers/insperation (NYBoys and BFF) to arrive and lend a hand in finally whipping the whole house into shape. Because we all been there, any type of redecorating will start with something new needs something new needs something new and before we know it we are down the rabbit hole, into parts unknown.

*I would show you photos of our progress… just as soon as I find the digital camera in the mess!


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