Kitchen Island, Boxes and Jell-O shots.

6 Jul

Today is the 1 month mark since our moved.

Shit, we are BONE TIRED.

Over the weekend, after 4 weeks of boxes all around, and building and doing projects here and there, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – barely, but ITS THERE!

Last night Tom and I actually got around to moving furniture around in order to “decorate” a space. (One down, 5 more to go) Mind you, we are still stump and we are not overly happy with the results, but, it looks ORGANIZED, because well, it does not contain one single moving box! And DUDE, that is the most triumph we have felt in the past 4 weeks – we were not going to spoil it by noticing that the other space, the one right after the arch, on the other side of the wall, still had boxes.

And this proves to me that once I set my mind to something, or I’m totally fed up (which ever comes first), I will usually accomplish what I set out to do. After weeks of sort of opening a box and being frustrated because I lacked the space or the creativity to put it someplace (ANYPLACE) this weekend I decided that I was going to tackle the boxes and if it killed me (it did) I was going to unpack at least 50% of them – I did more – hooray for my goal oriented self.

It felt awesome to get that much done. The house is coming together, slowly but surely. The best thing that happened this weekend was finding the furniture piece that will become the Kitchen Island. And let me tell you its AWESOME! Out of all the purchases we have done for the house, thus far, this is the best one yet. Because well we found exactly what we were looking for, and when does that ever happen? NEVER! But, this time, the universe was correctly aligned and BOOM, there it was, perfect… and the best part, we paid less (way less) for it that we had allotted ourselves, which made it even sweeter.

In other things we got invited by our next door neighbor to their 4th of July celebration. Since we have moved they have been super friendly – always saying “hi” when they see us, or making small conversation. All in all they are good neighbors (so far). And, for Tom and me, that have not had that since – gosh, NEVER, it’s been great. On Thursday, as we were getting out of the car, they made small talk and then extended this invitation:

“Hey, come on over on Saturday for our 4th of July annual celebration… where pool rules, food fuel us and Jell-O shots keeps us sane!”

I mean how in the hell can you say no to Jell-O shots? It’s like going back in time to my twenties! and if there is anything that I want to do more than ever is feel young again, drink myself under the table and then wake up with a total hangover the following day.

Guess what we did on Saturday night?


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