Splash Travel

9 Jul

Remember the previous post. The one about the sun and the rain and the way I had just jinx myself.

Totally happen, because that same afternoon, it started to rain and sweet Jesus, it has come back in full force and it has not stopped.  Someone JUST wants to make my life hell – I.HEAR.YOU.. now TURN.IT.OFF.

See, I TOLD YOU SO. (To bad my odds in guessing the lotto number is not as strong as me guessing the weather patters.)

And with the rain, the mood went south, and for the past 2 days I been in a funk.  Thoroughly irritated about everything around me: house, work, co-workers, baggers at the grocery store (I mean how hard is to put the Egg carton ON TOP of the bag, because REALLY, scrambled eggs is not what I bargain for) family, Tom, the cats, the dogs… EVERYTHING.

Yeah, everyone has paid a little. (or a lot – I’m looking at you supermarket bagger)

But, yesterday, well yesterday someone taught me a lesson, and it came from the most unlikely source too, because you know those lesson always come down the pipeline unexpectedly.

As I was driving home, and thinking who I can pissed off, and utterly bitching about the rain, I came to the red light and as I looked up, this was in front of me:



I totally did a double take, thinking oh, its just a dog.. the light changed and as the car speed ahead of me, this happen:

weeeeeeeee, can I stick out my tongue? Can I? Can I?

weeeeeeeee, can I stick out my tongue? Can I? Can I?

Opps! And as I sat there picking up the phone camera and trying to snap away, and not have an accident at the same time, I laughed – HARD, the funny just rolled out of me.  And I laughed and laughed, until tears came out of me.  And the light bulb went ON in my head.  Here I was, ALL pissed about something that is beyond my control and instead of making the best of it, I was letting it ruin my mood for days.  Because, really would this be SO HARD TO DO?

Dude, you need to go faster, so I can get soaked!

Dude, you need to go faster, so I can get soaked!

And as I came to the next stop light, the happy dog, looked back at me and I could totally hear him in my head:

Looking at me?

Looking at me?

“Hello it’s just WATER, and if there is nothing we can do about it, we may as well PLAY”

Lesson learned buddy, lesson learned.


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