Last weekend recap – in list format

13 Jul

Over the weekend the following good/bad things happened – I wrote it in list format, because it was just chain, after chain of events… and I’m lazy that way….

I have a total of 10 boxes left to unpack, and the only reason they still unpacked is because I’m waiting on Tom to hang the last shelves in the designated office space.

It did not rain on Saturday. Hooray for us!

I sold my bulky armoire for the asking amount with no questions asked. (if only selling property would be that easy!)

I cooked a kick ass Tilapia recipe and impressed the future mother-in-law with my culinary skills – lots of praise followed – felt good – actually felt f*** awesome.

Major car expending averted! Turned out that it took a trip to the corner auto shop, $14 bucks and some elbow grease and we avoided major dealership expending.

It was a beautiful day on Sunday

I left the windows open in my car – you know to “AIR/REFRESH” the car out.

Then it RAINED, because you know, I’m travelling with the “rain doomed” over my head!

Tom FORGOT that windows were open, thus water got everywhere INSIDE the car.

Got home, found out it had happen, had to clean up. Yelled at Tom, when heard THAT lame excuse.

Got LOCKED out of the house by Tom, while I was cleaning the pooled water inside the car.

Called his cell, after borrowing cell from nice neighbors

He did not answer, left really nasty message on voice mail – counted to 10

He called back to tell me … wait for it…


He followed with an apology

I did not want to hear it and told him he better haul his ass home.

Had to wait OUTSIDE for him to come back, decided to let it go… but then.. THEN!

Got bitten by gazillion mosquitoes, while waiting for Tom to come back and open the house door.

Then I needed to pee, decided that peeing in my yard was NOT GOING TO HAPPENED.

20 minutes later Tom arrived, opened the door, ran to bathroom to pee and almost tripped over the dog and averted a trip to the ER with some broken bone.

Barely made it to the bathroom!

Then had to run to pharmacy to buy Caladryl or die of the itching associated with bites.

Gave Tom the silence treatment the rest of the night. – it felt good.

Went to bed, woke up and realized that I need to do the whole week ALL OVER AGAIN.


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