The Vanity Project. All it took was 5 bo-bo’s and 6 spray cans

20 Jul

This past weekend Tom and I spent most of Saturday, finish up the “vanity project”.

What is the Vanity Project?

Simple.  Tom had an old vanity, sitting in one of the rooms in his old home.  I saw it and wanted it, because you know my girl instinct kicked in and I needed something pretty, very girly-girl.  Plus the idea of sitting down and putting on the make-up and jewelery every day before work gave me that sense of old Hollywood glamor, which, DUDE, I’m totally lacking in my life right now.  I figure that would kick start my boring mornings.

The vanity was beat up, scratched and in so-so shape.  I could show you a picture, except that I totally had a brain fart and did not document this project.

But I can walk you through the process (painfully too).

Now this project could have been easily done in 2 days, in fact we planned it for a weekend project. But, because someone wanted to fuck with us and for the past 2 months sent us rain every single day (specially during the weekend) it has taken us 5 weeks to complete (also we are lazy people at heart and it was more fun to built Ikea furniture INDOORS).

The other factor was that I originally wanted to do something simple, like: sand-down the piece, prime it a then paint it, jet, glossy black – I wanted to use spray cans – badly.

This bit of idea on my part was veto by Tom and his horrifying cries that I could not paint it.. no, no, noooooo!!! I needed to respect the wood and strip it, sand it and then, stain it.  “You need to keep the integrity of the wood”..  and that became his mantra.

I was no fool, I had done a project like that before, and knew the amount of work it took to strip, sand, and stain.. I wanted no.part of it.  And I told him so.

he fell, line, hook and sinker.  Tom’s famous words: “I will take care of it”. I ain’t no dummy.  The man wanted to slave over the wood, who am I to put a stop to it?

So off we went, he stripped, he sanded and he stained.

5 times. (yes, you read it correctly – FIVE TIMES)


Because my boyfriend is a klutz and sometimes his brain is on his ass and does things that can only be called “stupid” absentminded. (and I love him!).  The first time he stained it.. I looked beautiful, I was giddy with praised.  He moved on to the drawers and this is where he made the first bo-bo.  He decided to sand the drawer in close proximity of the freshly, STILL WET, vanity.  So what happen? Cause and effect people.  The sand-dust? ended up on the vanity surface.  NOT GOOD.

Now this story would end here, because you know YOU LEARNED BY YOUR MISTAKES. Except that as before mentioned, Tom’s stupidity absentminded continue not once, not twice, not three times.. but FIVE.. yep.. FIVE TIMES.  It was not only the rain that delay us.

By this time Tom was pretty much done.

And this is where I took over… because I had been ready for the past 5 weeks with 6 spray paint cans of glossy black pain.  At the first sign of full sun on Saturday I was out there and in 4 hours, behold the COMPLETED Vanity Project:

Hollywood glamour

Hollywood glamour

Pretty, pretty…. and let me tell you sitting on it every morning and putting on make up makes my confident boost up! I mean it makes one feel glamorous and important.  This weekend I’m painting the stool legs the same glossy black and it will be a perfect match.

Another glamour shot

Another glamour shot

In the meantime, Tom has decided that when it comes to project management, I kicked some serious ass.


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