Lazy button… you are miz’behaving. Time to zap you with a shot to my ass.

22 Jul

I’m totally not against procrastination. However, I do take pride that once I start something, I will finish it. I’m someone that plans ahead and I usually live by a list or my agenda book. (Even owning an iPhone, with options of hundreds of electronic calendars, I still have an honest-to-goodness paper agenda – shocking I KNOW!).

For some of my friends it’s annoying… because you know, I need to confirm and triple check everything. And don’t even get me started on last minute phone calls for meet ups and changes on previosly set plans.  Now, I’m not that strict, (or at least I like to think so) I do roll with the punches, but does it annoy me? Yes, it does. I mean, now a days we live by a clock, calculating every hour, minute and second to fit everything that needs to be done in the allotted time. And having the balls to expect me to drop everything to carter to your last minute plans is just not my cup of tea.

I tend to be very verbal about it too. My verbalization has ruffled quite a few feathers, I suppose.

That does not mean that I don’t enjoy the art of procrastination from time to time. Doing the laundry is one of them, or washing the dirty dishes – two of my least favorite chores around the house.  There are times where I totally give myself license to really turn on the “lazy” and totally decide to not do a damn thing… nothing, as in I’m not even going to change my clothes, brush my hair, or even take a shower – total slothful behavior.

But as of late, my “lazy” button as gone into overdrive and been miz’behaving.

Yesterday, I had a gazillion thing on the house TO DO list.  Instead, when I got home, I decided to changed into my PJ’s (at 5PM in the afternoon!) and to watch a bit of TV in the bedroom – I had about 5-6 hours worth of Law & Order CI episodes in the DVR. and the objective was to watch all of them!  What really happen?  I fell asleep mid-way thru the first episode. While the laundry and dishes (and the other gazillion things) were left undone. I was happily snoring and drooling away (according to Tom) who found me when he got home from work.

I was sleeping at 7 o’clock.  HELLO, WTF is happening?

I’m not going to denied it, as of late, I have been feeling used up and tired. I’m so exhausted it’s really affecting my everyday functionality and threshold in keeping my “Shit together”.

Case in point…Over the weekend this exchanged happened at the house:

Me: running around, cutting into boxes, and removing wrapping and complaining about where in the hell was I going to put that, and this and why we did not have that and this…and, basically one huge bitch fest.

Tom: sitting down on the couch (among still UNOPENED BOXES) all relaxed-like, with equally lazy dogs at his feet.  And this came out of him “Babe, why don’t you stop and just not do a thing – relax” patting the seat next to him.

Now, there are a multitude of intelligent responses one’s brain might produce when faced with a request as simple as that… “You are right, I will totally sit myself down and re-group, so I can be thinking clear and accomplish more – love you for thinking of me – mua!, kiss, kiss”.

Instead, my mouth, which is much faster than my brain (got to seriously work on that), came right out and yelled “AS IF!!! YOU DON’T KNOW ME AT ALL, DON’T YOU? I NEED TO GET THIS DONE, I CANNOT LIVE LIKE THIS, AND YOU PROMISE WE DO THIS TODAY, WHY ARE YOU JUST SITTING ON YOUR ASS? WHYYYYYYYY??????

Silence from his corner… Which totally deflated my total bitch factor and send it right back to hell.

I quickly backpedaled, trying to save the situation by following up with “I just can’tttttt do this anymore” (booo hoo!), I could have started to cried too, you know for maximum effect, but I was just to tired to “bring it on”.

So really.. what the hell is going on?

I know that for the last 2 months major stress factors have played a major role in my life.  At work we had major cuts in staff, the move to the new house, the need to get everything in order, the never-fucking ending rain! The weekends filled with the DYI projects.  It has just been constant … and frankly having all those balls in the air has zapped me of energy.

Tom is convinced that is something medical – I would disagree, except that last week when I was trying to donate blood during our Blood Drive, I was unable to do so, my levels of hemoglobin (red blood cells) were way to low so I was rejected and told to go see the doctor, because the low levels were LOW – normal level are usually between 12.5 and 18.0 g/dl.. According to the nurse in the bloodmobile, mine clocked at 9.0 – not something to go ape-shit, but something to look at.

So today, I called my doctor and asked them to re-fill my B12 prescription. And hopefully, after Tom gives me a quick shot in the ass tonight, it will be enough to zap me back into a frenzy ball of energy.

Something that I’m sure my totally procrastinating boyfriend is NOT looking forward to.


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